Chris Do – Painless Pricing Download

Chris Do – Painless Pricing Download

Chris Do – Painless Pricing Download
Chris Do – Painless Pricing Download


Make pricing your creative work easy. Learn how to charge more and profit from every project.

Inside this course:

  • 26 videos

  • Pricing Guidelines

  • Example Bids

  • Homework Assignments

  • Bonus Material

  • Lifetime Updates


Learn the right way to charge for your business.

We break down the different ways you can price your services to find what works best for your business and make sure you’re charging enough. Plus, we’ve included pricing templates to help you estimate and bid your next project.


See real bids we’ve sent to clients.

Take a look at how we’ve priced projects in the past and see the full breakdown on how we got to each number. Learn the three types of bids based on input, output, and value.


Practice how you price.

Use the homework assignments to determine your minimum level of engagement, bidding strategy, break-even point, and more. Practice these methods to get comfortable talking about money, and show prospects you’re ready to do business.

If you don’t know what to charge for your creative work, then this course is for you.

We made this course so every creative professional in any industry can grow a successful business doing what they love. This course is for you if you:

  • Want to feel more confident talking about money
  • Aren’t making more money with new projects
  • Feel burnt out or frustrated with clients at the end of every engagement
  • Need an easier way to know if you’re charging enough

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